Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

History Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

Victoria Palace Hôtel - Histoire
Victoria Palace Hôtel - Histoire


The Victoria Palace remains a “privately run” hotel owned by a familly. One of the interesting features of the building is that it was designed from the outset by architect Ernest Gaston to be an hotel.

Several times renovated and updated to meet changing standards of comfort, it has gone from 150 rooms when it opened to 62 large rooms today. It took on its current appearance in 2015 when all the public spaces: (lounges, breakfast room and lobby) were renovated.

Victoria Palace - Galerie
Victoria Palace Hôtel - Histoire

Some famous residents

Throughout its history, the Victoria Palace has welcomed many fascinating characters, such as Katherine Mansfield, the famous New Zealand woman of letter, or the great Irish writer, James Joyce. We even know that these two took tea together at the Victoria Palace Hotel on 26 April 1922, in what is today the Green Lounge located just off the lobby.

Later, the hotel welcomed the Italian metaphysical painter Giorgio DeChirico on several occasions ; his autobiography even has several paragraphs in praise of the Victoria Palace Hotel. During the final decades of the 20th century there were several visits by H. M. Marie-Josée of Belgium, the last queen of Italy, and also by 'O Rei' Pelé, the king of football. And Neil Armstrong and Jim Reeves. And we shall stop there, because good manners and courtesy require that we cast a veil of discretion over our more recent visitors.

Victoria Palace Hôtel - Histoire

Around the Rue du Cherche-Midi

Still largely residential in character, the Cherche-Midi neighbourhhod, to either side of the street of the same name, in the past few years has come to be one of the most desirable neighbourhoods for Parisians, owing to the distinctively intimate and village-y atmosphere which is a hallmark of Paris's older, historic neighbourhoods.

Because it is also one of the most central locations in Paris, the Cherche-Midi neighbourhood has become a magnet for many actors, composers, TV personalities and other creative types whose presence has completely transformed the feel of the neighbourhood and made it one of the most sought-after in the French capital.