Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

55th International Agriculture Fair Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

“Agriculture: a collective adventure” is the theme of the next International Agriculture Fair. This meeting, which is much awaited by Parisians and visitors alike, will open its doors on 24 February and close on 4 March. Enough time for everyone to enjoy it.

For half a century now, the campaign has been inviting itself to Paris every year in February. The Salon de l’ agriculture, heir of the Concours général agricole created in 1870, proudly carries its long history and unrivalled success. Once again this year, between 630,000 and 650,000 visitors, a thousand exhibitors and 32,000 professionals are expected to visit the exhibition park. Proof, if any, of the importance of the agricultural sector and the interest that the French have in it. Agriculture is definitely a collective adventure.

This adventure will take you through four universes. To meet animals, don’t miss the breeding area and its chains. The one devoted to products from the regions of France, Overseas France and the world will have the preference of gourmands and gourmets. Further on, the world of crops and vegetable chains offers a little nature break where you can get ideas for your garden and vegetable garden. Finally, the Agriculture Services and Professions cluster brings together stakeholders from the agricultural world.

Among the curiosities to discover this year: the milking parlour, the 10 square-metre model of a farm, the only life-size tractor in Lego®, the bakery installed on the Odyssée Végétale area, the educational farm, the village devoted to milk and dairy products, the backyard, and of course the animal competition.

All information and the complete programme can be found on the SIA website: