Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

“Éblouissante Venise” at the Grand Palais Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

An exhibition full of joy and optimism, this is what the Grand Palais is offering until 21 January. An exhibition in the image of the one it celebrates: 18th century Venice. Through a skillful scenography, the route immerses you in the daily life of the Serenissima and draws a panorama of the arts of this period.
Venice is dazzling in many ways, and in the 18th century even more so than at any other time, it exerts a particular fascination. A true artistic centre, it experienced an incomparable creative energy until the fall of the republic.
Venice attracts. From the ground floor, the first part of the exhibition, the setting is set, the portrait drawn, that of a still prosperous city, which shines with its splendour. In the years 1700-1760, many foreigners flocked to the city, seduced by its artistic vitality. Music, decorative arts, paintings, sculptures: art is omnipresent.
Venice inspires and is exported. As the economic crisis worsened and commissions became scarcer, Venetian artists found new sponsors in France, England, Germany, Austria and Spain. A real diaspora that is mentioned in the second part of the exhibition, and which will have a significant influence on European art.
Venice dazzles. The influence of Venetian art in the 18th century contributes to the influence of one of its favourite models: Venice itself. No other city has ever produced such abundant imagery on its own. All these representations contribute to the creation of the myth of Venice, the subject of the third and last part of the exhibition.
“Dazzling Venice” is certainly not an exhibition like any other. In addition to her cheerful and colourful career, the relevant choice of paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects on display, every Wednesday evening she offers “Éclats nocturnes“, artistic performances performed in situ by actors, dancers and musicians.
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