Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

Exhibition “The Impressionists in London” Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

From June 21 to October 14, the Petit Palais takes you on a journey in the footsteps of French painters exiled across the Channel. This exhibition, co-organized with Tate Britain in London, brings together about a hundred masterpieces made between 1870 and 1904 by French artists in exile, with Impressionists in the lead.

Who are these French artists left to try their luck across the Channel? Some were driven out by the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, others by the Commune, and others for economic reasons. In their London hideaway, all hope to enjoy a more buoyant art market. But not everyone will have the same fortune. If Carpeaux, Daubigny, Tissot, already famous, quickly find their place, if Legros or Dalou make themselves known there, the English capital reserves only a moderate welcome to the impressionists Monet, Pissarro or Sisley.

The interest of this exhibition is to show what influence this London stage, more or less long depending on the artists, has had on their work and on French art in general. The presence of these French painters has also breathed new life into British art and institutions.

The scenography immediately plunges the visitor into the atmosphere. As you discover the atmosphere of the art market in Victorian London, commentary evokes the artistic debates of the day and accompanies you along the way. On the canvases succeed landscapes of parks and gardens, city drowned in the fog, factory chimneys and misty banks of the Thames … The London of the industrial revolution revives here under the brush of the painters, testimony of a time.

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