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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

Gérard Depardieu and the Cherche-Midi Street Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

Look at these elegant houses. See these hidden courts and secret gardens. We are in the heart of the popular Cherche-Midi area. It is here, in this chic and friendly Parisian district, that the Victoria Palace Hotel is installed, but also a number of actors, artists, personalities of the audiovisual world. If there is one who has marked the life of the neighborhood like none, it is indeed Gérard Depardieu. And if the actor is becoming rarer now, it is still possible to meet him around his mansion in the 6th arrondissement.

For years, Gerard Depardieu has had a long history of love with the Cherche-Midi Street. When one loves, one does not count. A mansion, a Japanese grocer, a restaurant, a fish shop: over time, the actor multiplied the acquisitions, constituting a real small “fief”. Depardieu was then a familiar neighborhood and one of his figures. When the tall silhouette of this giant French cinema emerged at the bend of a street, it was always a small event. Certainly, his voice and his scooter will resonate for a long time in the memory of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Today, the rupture has started. The actor cedes one by one all his possessions in the Cherche-Midi Street. The Moby Dick, the fish shop of the n°50, was sold. Same for the grocery of Japanese products, converted this summer in an art gallery where you can discover the exhibition of his daughter, Roxanne Depardieu. As for the restaurant Au Bien Décidé, he is looking for a buyer, as well as the luxury hotel of Chambon, on sale for several years already.

The end of a story? Yes and no. According to relatives, dispossessing one’s Parisian possessions will not prevent Gerard Depardieu from preserving for the Cherche-Midi Street, and for Paris, that tenderness reserved for those whom one has so much loved.