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Giacometti in the Maillol Museum Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

In the rue de Grenelle, 15 minutes walk from the Victoria Palace Hotel, stands the Maillol Museum. After Ben and Foujita, the museum devotes its back-to-school exhibition to Alberto Giacometti. From 14 September to 20 January, 50 sculptures by the Swiss artist will be presented alongside 25 works by other major artists.
When we think of Giacometti, we immediately think of these filiform and bare human silhouettes, so characteristic. Yet the artist’s range of styles is much wider. The Maillol Museum exhibition, entitled “Giacometti between tradition and avant-garde”, proposes to discover his creative path, through a chronological and thematic stroll.
What does Giacometti have in common with the masters of classical modernity such as Rodin, Bourdelle, Maillol, Despiau? with the sculptors of abstraction Brancusi, Laurens? with the Parisian avant-gardes after 1925: Lipchitz, Zadkine, Csaky or Richier? Through a beautifully orchestrated scenography, the works of these great artists dialogue with those of Giacometti. Thus the productions of the young Alberto, with still classical lines, mix with those of Despiau and Maillol. After the war, a new influence blows on his creations, to which the second section of the exhibition, the most important, gives a good account. The Giacometti “touch” is already visible, as the Walking Woman (1932) attests. Then little by little the visitor is guided towards the iconic works of the 1950-1960s: who does not know La Clairière (1950) or L’Homme qui marche (1960)?
Organized in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, this exhibition also includes a selection of graphic arts and archival documents, in particular period photographs and lithographs evoking the artist’s studio.
Stay at the Victoria Palace Hotel and discover the Giacometti exhibition at the Maillol Museum. All information on the museum website: