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Louis XIV and the Grandes Eaux musicales at Versailles Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

After a long winter break, the Grandes Eaux will again animate the gardens of Versailles from March 31st. Water and music for the enjoyment of the Sun King, the fountains of the castle continue nowadays, and for more than 350 years, to amaze those who discover them.

Did you know that Louis XIV was a player? As such, he particularly liked the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, designed as a real playground. There was a salon, there was chatting and snacking. Sometimes even we danced there. Music already had its place, and the groves served as a setting for shows and all kinds of entertainment.

Even today, these groves are as many little surprises for the walker. They arise at the turn of the aisles, reveal their decor of fountains, vases and statues. But listen to it. Yes, they are musical notes that escape from some hidden recess. Not just any, a baroque music signed by the great composers of the time, Lully, Charpentier or Rameau. A music to magnify the spectacle of the fountains.

Carried by the melody, the water gushes in an alternation of wreaths and cascades creating a real choreography. Fairy will say some, remarkable in any case, especially when you know that we owe this wonder to the talent of the fountain-makers of the seventeenth century.

Today, therefore, the Big Waters are not only reserved for Louis XIV and his court. Anyone can come to discover and the park and its fountains where a cohort of marble and metal animates: gods, humans, animals …

Let’s bet that the Sun King would have loved the new impoundment of the Neptune basin, the largest of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, an aquatic and baroque symphony that springs every quarter of an hour. Notice to the amateurs.