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Le Bon Marché unveils its Christmas shop windows Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

Emblematic, Le Bon Marché stands proudly at the corner of rue de Sèvres and rue du Bac. The first department store in Paris, it is today the most luxurious department store in the capital. Also, a stay in the 7th arrondissement cannot be considered without a visit to the famous sign. Especially if this stay coincides with the end of the year when the Bon Marché unveils its Christmas windows.

Red. This is the dominant color of Christmas 2017 at Le Bon Marché.

Red, like Santa’s clothes. Behind the shop windows of the Rue de Sèvres, the old man poses and exposes himself to the eyes of the curious, in a decor that recalls his studio or his home.

Red, like the outfit and beard of the cheerful elves who invaded the shop windows and store during this holiday season. A bunch of merry, self-proclaimed “Christmas Gang” drunks. Recognizable by their sweater signed Saint James, specially created for Le Bon Marché, they are the faithful accomplices of Santa Claus and your allies in your hunt for Christmas gifts!

Red, finally, like the enchantment of light that baths each playlet and magically fades the Christmas trees scattered inside the store.

The novelty is perhaps the opportunity that Le Bon Marché offers you to switch to the other side of the mirror. Go to the ground floor of the store, make your own the famous Saint James sweater with its escalator-inspired designs and you’ll be part of the Santa Claus agents’ horde, ready to fill up with gifts what you love.

The Christmas shop windows of Le Bon Marché are open until December 24th.