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Montparnasse Cemetery, late clap Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

This is one of those places that Paris has the secret, a peaceful enclave nestled in the heart of Montparnasse, far from the urban bustle. The 19 hectares of the second cemetery of Paris align the gravestones and rows of trees to the line. It is here, in this enclosure worthy of a movie set, that rest several great figures of the seventh art. Small retrospective.

Ladies First. Let’s start with a stop in front of the simple and elegant tomb of Mireille Darc, the most recent since the actress and director was buried in 2017. We find the same sobriety on the burial of Philippe Noiret, whose calligraphy name is the only fantasy. This lover of the letters is well surrounded: in the same division appear among others the writer Julio Cortazar and the novelist and poet Andrée Chedid.

The neighboring division welcomes for its part three great personalities of French cinema. Eternal supporting role, Jean Carmet has shot in about 200 films, making himself a place of choice in the hearts of the French, like Jean Poiré. Michel Serrault’s sidekick has been resting at the Montparnasse cemetery since 1992. The filmmaker Alain Resnais joined them in 2014.

A little further, the tomb of director Claude Sautet deserves a detour for his epitaph: “Keep calm !!! In front of the dissonance !!! Let’s continue to the 9th Division. There a stele emerging from nature and its small bench invite to stop: it is the tomb of Jacques Demy, director of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Note also the burial of Maurice Pialat, another monument of French cinema, and that of Yves Robert where it is not rare to see some buttons, in tribute to his film The War of the Buttons.