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Rodin and dance at Rodin Museum Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

It is not only an exhibition that the Musée Rodin offers us, but an event. From April 6 to July 22, “Rodin and Dance” allows the public to discover the famous series of “Dance Movements” never exposed during the lifetime of the sculptor. History of a meeting between two arts.

Rodin and dance. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “Rodin and the dancers”? Because it is they, the dancers, who are at the origin of the fascination of the sculptor for this art of movement. And who initiated it. The Americans Isadora Duncan and Loïe Fuller, the Japanese Hanako, but also the Cambodian dancers present at the Universal Exhibition or the cabaret dancers, all will serve the search of the artist. We are then in the 1890s.

Express the life of bodies, translate their vital energy, their balance, their strength, in a word explore the possibilities of the human body: there reside all the work of Rodin. The exhibition reveals to the public about fifty drawings, photos, sculptures, including the thirteen “Dance Movements” terracotta, which reflect the long journey of research and creation initiated by Rodin.

Common points, dance and sculpture share. Starting with the body work. See these clay statuettes, modeled to create new shapes, just like the body of the dancer twisting and writhing in search of movement, of grace. You will see Rodin’s attraction to Greek art and the ancient practice of dance, an interest he shares with Isadora Duncan.

It’s up to you now to enter the dance. For more information, visit the Rodin Museum website: