Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

Rubens exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

Name: Pierre Paul Rubens. Profession: painter. Although the artist is well known, some of his works are less so. This is the case of the many portraits he made during his life for the powerful people of his time. From 4 October to 14 January, for the first time, the Musée du Luxembourg is interested in this prestigious gallery. Follow the guide…

Everyone has his own speciality. Rubens’s is historical painting. And the portrait. But the pageant portrait, please. A genre to which the artist willingly fell in love to enter those of his sponsors: kings and queens, princes and princesses, accustomed to the most brilliant courts of Europe.

On canvas, his brush immortalizes only the powerful ones. Rubens knows how to deal with the elite. A sought-after scholar and conversationalist, this son of a Dutch jurist has been able to find his way into the highest spheres of society. And to be appreciated there for his double talent: that of a painter and that of a diplomat.

Called to the court of France in 1621, Rubens went to produce at the request of Marie de Médicis a real pictorial family album, which is also based on a biographical novel. Much of the exhibition is thus devoted to the cycle retracing the life of the sovereign.

Skillfully staged, standing, on horseback, in armour or in ceremonial costumes, the models painted by Rubens or his competitors are always growing out of the exercise, of which it is one of the functions. During the visit, the glances of all these illustrious people accompany the visitor. A total of 65 paintings, including 20 portraits of Rubens, are on display in the museum until 14 January 2018.

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