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The Luxembourg Museum: Tintoret in the spotlight Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

“Tintoretto, the birth of a genius” is the name of the exhibition that the Luxembourg Museum devotes to the painter of the Venetian Renaissance, born 500 years ago. Inaugurated on March 7th, it is to be discovered until July 7th. A must if you are staying at the Victoria Palace: the Luxembourg Museum is less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Il Tintoretto, “the little dyer”, is under this name that the young Venetian, born Jacopo Robusti in 1518, will remain in the story. How did this dyer’s son become one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance? This is what the Luxembourg Museum invites you to discover.

The exhibition is dedicated to the first fifteen years of the artist. Decisive and important, they forged their personality. They constitute the first milestones of his career, coupled with a social rise that he owes to his talent, his daring but also his ambition.

Here are gathered, in seven thematic areas, various works of Tintoret. Each of these spaces reveals to us all the work and strategies implemented to succeed in striking the eye and the mind. Religious or secular painting, ceiling decoration or small painting quickly executed, portrait of a prominent personality or close friend, drawing or sketch: Tintoretto touches everything, explores all areas including other arts that nourish his creation. Because to be known, to arouse the orders of rich customers, we must not exclude anything.

Thus, we can admire “The Adoration of the Magi Prado”, the work of a Tintoretto not even 20 years. We can appreciate the evolution of his art, looking in parallel “The Original Sin” or “The Princess, Saint George and Saint Louis”, made in the 1550s, those that propel it into the spotlight.