Victoria Palace Hôtel
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6 rue Blaise Desgoffe, 75006 Paris

The Yves-Saint-Laurent Museum in Paris opened its doors. Victoria Palace Hôtel, Paris

It is unique in its kind, like the one whose name it bears and whose memory it honours. The Yves-Saint-Laurent Museum in Paris has just opened its doors. Since October 3, the public has been invited to discover the inaugural Route, a walk crossing haute couture creations, archives and mythical places in the heart of the 5 avenue Marceau mansion.

Before being the headquarters of the Pierre-Bergé Foundation, the Hôtel de l’ avenue Marceau was the workplace of Yves Saint Laurent and his collaborators. Today, the museum offers you the opportunity to discover not only his work, but also the places where he was born during thirty years, from 1974 to 2002. From the former haute couture salons where clients were received at the design studio, the course aims to take you back through the process of creation from its starting point to the final realization. It is with this perspective that the scenographer Nathalie Maninière and the decorator Jacques Grange present and stage some fifty models, accessories, sketches, photographs and videos.

A true journey back in time, this retrospective plunges the visitor into the secret of a great fashion house of the 20th century. History and creation then merge to help us better understand Yves Saint Laurent’s incredible heritage. A heritage that the couturier has taken care to build up, season after season. The Pierre-Bergé Foundation thus retains a collection of an unparalleled size in the fashion world.
The transformation of the foundation into a museum has doubled the surface area of the spaces open to the public. All of them are now exclusively reserved for the designer’s work, like the Yves-Saint-Laurent museum in Marrakech, which opened on the same day as its French counterpart, October 3,2017.

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