An eco-responsible hotel

The Victoria Palace’s new vision is to stand the test of time while embracing change and moving with the times. It is, therefore, only natural that we have felt compelled to play an active role with regards to the environment and the times we live in. We have decided to take action at our own level to protect the planet. That's why we have committed ourselves to get the Green Globe certification, an expert CSR label in the tourism industry.

Today, every decision we take is oriented towards sustainability AND towards the satisfaction and comfort of our guests and employees.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Stop single-use plastic
With the aim of protecting the health of our guests, our staff and the environment, Victoria Palace has decided to ban all single-use plastic. From the bathrooms to the bar, we are offering alternative products while preserving the quality of our services. As a result, less plastic ends up in the sea and oceans, and we avoid the spread of micro-particles that can harm our bodies. Water bottles, glass bottles of filtered water, refillable products... these are just some of the solutions we offer!
Future objectives: Continuing our efforts to find more partners committed to the same sustainable approach as us, with the aim of completely eliminating plastic and superfluous packaging from the establishment.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

We offer all our customers the option of sending their invoices electronically. We also ask our suppliers to send us invoices by email to reduce the need to print them out.
Our in-room directory is 100% digital. You can find all the information you need about the hotel, as well as place your breakfast or room service orders in just 1 click.

Future objectives: to adopt a more responsible approach to digital use (fewer unnecessary emails, regular cleaning of email inboxes, optimised use of printers).

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Reducing our water and energy consumption

Our employees are trained to manage energy and water sparingly.
100% of our electricity comes from green energy and all our light bulbs are LED. Presence detectors are installed in high-traffic areas. 
Our rooms are equipped with an electricity saver connected directly to the air conditioning and heating, with detection of open windows.
All our taps and showers are equipped with water-saving devices and mousseurs have been installed throughout the hotel. Our toilet flushes are dual-flow.

Future objectives: more rigorous monitoring of our electricity and water consumption, with reduction targets wherever possible. Raise guests' awareness of eco-actions (reduce the number of changes of sheets and towels).

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Bins with sorting bins are available in each room for our customers to sort their waste.
Selective sorting has been also introduced and applied in each department of the hotel.
Breakfast leftovers are recycled: some take-away baskets are put on the Too Good To Go app and all organic waste is thrown in a dedicated bin to be turned into compost.
Our library is made up exclusively of second-hand books.

Future objectives: Improve the selective sorting and recycling system for all our waste. Reduce food waste by rethinking our breakfast offer. Organise the recycling of our in-room coffee capsules and soap leftovers.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Reducing our carbon footprint

We have carried out our carbon footprint for the years 2022 and 2023.
In 2022, excluding our guests' transportation, we emitted 413.15 tonnes of CO2, which put us in the top 30% of French establishments. That's 15.49kg of CO2 per person per night, which puts us in the top 20% of establishments in France.
In order to reduce our impact, we are trying to find solutions for both our staff and our guests, and so we are offering a bicycle taxi service for our clients' journeys in Paris in partnership with Turtle, as well as electric scooters.

Future objectives: The Paris Agreement has defined that an overall annual reduction of 4.2% until 2050 would make it possible to keep the global rise in temperatures below 1.5°. We have therefore set ourselves the target of reducing our CO2 emissions by an average of 4.2%, which would be equivalent to avoiding 506 Paris-New York flights.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Encouraging the local economy
We try to work as much as possible with local businesses for the services we offer our guests. For example, the flowers come from a store10 minutes' walk away, the cookies of the bar come from a tea room 5 minutes' walk away, our boxes of chocolates come from a chocolate maker in the neighbouring arrondissement (who employs people on social reintegration schemes)... This reduces the impact of deliveries but also encourages the economic growth of local businesses. 
We like to share with our customers the good addresses close to the hotel and in Paris, and have created a list of restaurants to suit all tastes and faiths!

Future objectives: to further develop partnerships with local merchants.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

Our suppliers
We are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers and service providers with the same philosophy as us, while remaining very demanding when it comes to quality. In fact, we take into account environmental impact into our purchasing decisions.
The Victoria Palace is proud to have chosen French craftsmen to produce its furniture and supplies during its renovation.
French products are preferred for offer at breakfast and at the bar, and it includes some organic products.

Future objectives: Making 60% of the breakfast labelled/AB/ Local and promoting local craftsmen even more. Working with our suppliers on a more eco-responsible way of delivery, as most of them are already thinking about it. When quality alternatives allow or will allow it, choosing eco-responsible options.

Victoria Palace - Hôtel Eco-Responsable

The staff of the Victoria Palace

The Victoria team is proud to work for their hotel! Indeed, following the survey conducted by Peace & Work to assess the quality of life at work, the Victoria Palace has received an excellent score of 4.23/5, giving it the highest Gold distinction. 
Mutual aid, kindness and ethics are the watchwords for this efficient-working team.
The small size of the team means there is great cohesion between them, and also with our cleaning team, which is outsourced. 
To ensure that these "good vibes" last over time, we make sure that our HR & Ethics Charter is respected.

Future objectives: Maintain and/or improve the Peace & Work score.

En conclusion, depuis son ouverture, le Victoria Palace a toujours pris en compte l’environnement dans son activité et dans ses choix, ainsi que dans sa responsabilité sociétale. Nous avons voulu conforter et renforcer notre attrait environnemental en devenant Green Globe Member afin d’obtenir la certification Green Globe.
Ainsi, même si beaucoup de choses étaient déjà en place, nous avons découvert de nouveaux axes d’amélioration que nous souhaitons développer dans le futur. Rien n’est jamais acquis et il faut toujours se remettre en question afin d’avancer. 
« Nous n’héritons pas de la terre de nos ancêtres, nous l’empruntons à nos enfants » (Antoine de Saint Exupéry).

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