Our history and philosophy

The Victoria Palace—more than a century of history

Located in Paris’ 6th arrondissement on the Left Bank of the city, the Victoria Palace Hotel is steeped in history. The hotel’s stunning stone façade designed by the Parisian architect Gaston Ernest gives visitors a hint of its rich past. The Victoria Palace opened its doors for the first time in 1913, boasting 150 rooms and 75 bathrooms at the time.

Since its opening, the hotel has welcomed famous figures from all over the world, such as the New Zealand-born writer Katherine Mansfield, who stayed here for four months during a trip to Paris in 1922, where she wrote the short story The Fly.

A year later, the Irish writer and poet James Joyce stayed at the Victoria Palace after discovering the hotel thanks to Katherine Mansfield and her husband. Joyce stayed here for more than a year. In his novel Finnegans Wake, the author included the initials “VPH” in reference to a tailor.

The history of the Victoria Palace

The Victoria Palace changed ownership for the first time in 1936 when it was bought by the Schmitt family, who would manage the hotel for 82 years. It was at this time that the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico discovered the Victoria. He fell in love with the place, describing it in his diary Memorie della mia vita as "...the best, most comfortable, friendly, welcoming, distinguished, clean and relaxing hotel in the capital...".

Other prestigious guests such as the American country singer Jim Reeves have also stayed at the Victoria Palace.

In the 1970s, the hotel was renovated in an effort to modernize the building. This involved removing the wrought-iron marquee at the hotel’s entrance, which was considered old-fashioned. The Victoria continued to attract distinguished guests such as the astronaut Neil Armstrong, Her Majesty Marie-José of Belgium—the Belgian princess and later Queen of Italy—and the great Brazilian soccer player Pelé.

In 2018, the Wargny family took over the management of the Victoria Palace with the aim of giving it a modern upgrade while remaining true to its soul—building on the history of the hotel to shape its future.  The hotel therefore temporarily closed its doors at the end of 2019 in order for renovation work to take place.

It is now time to bring the Victoria into the 21st century. The marble columns on the ground floor now form an integral part of the hotel’s understated, luxurious style, which mixes digital tablets with marble bathrooms. The wrought-iron marquee that once dressed the entrance of the hotel has been returned with a modern twist. Committed to an eco-friendly philosophy, the new and sustainable Victoria Palace Hotel is reopening its doors to the public in March 2021, ready to face a new century.

Zero single-use plastics

The Victoria Palace’s new vision is to stand the test of time while embracing change and moving with the times. It is, therefore, only natural that we have felt compelled to play an active role with regards to the environment and the times we live in. We have decided to take action at our own level to protect the planet.

Zero single-use plastics

The Victoria Palace has decided to ban all single-use plastics throughout the hotel. We offer a range of alternative products, from our bathrooms to the bar, all the while preserving the high quality of our services. We have carefully chosen a selection of partners to provide every comfort and exceed your expectations during your stay.

Through our commitment to eliminating single-use plastics, we are helping to make a reduction of nearly 100,000 items of plastic packaging per year. That's all the less plastic that may end up in the sea and the oceans.

A sustainable approach

The Victoria Palace has created an environmental charter in order to take proactive and sustainable action in the fight against global warming.
What does that mean in concrete terms?
Our approach involves using equipment that promotes energy and water savings, recycling waste, embracing a wide range of organic products, and selecting partners who share our vision as much as possible.

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